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Established in 1987, MY LIFE Medical Apparatus& Instruments Co.,Ltd. is a professional China Other Emergency Products factory and Other Emergency Products manufacturers with 34 years experience in this filed. Our product line includes automatic loading stretcher, folding stretcher , stair stretcher, scoop stretcher , spine board, emergency bed, transfer trolley etc.. Our company has already achieved ISO9001 ,ISO13485,CE certificate.With strong technolohgical power, state-of–the–art management and strict quality control, our wholesale Other Emergency Products and custom Other Emergency Productshave been will accepted by our global customers.
We believe that stringent quality control, resourceful management ,high efficiency and competitive prices are the keys to better serve our existing customers and to win new customers worldwide. That is our goals, Customers are always our TOP PRIOITY!
Constantly adhering to our guidelines of world-class quality and 100% customer satisfaction, We offer our customers some of the best models in the world. We have promptly supplied many clients both at home abroad with superior services. We constantly advance in expanding and improving the design and quality of our product lines. If you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to cooperating with you in the near future.

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Industry Knowledge Extension

What are Other Emergency Products?
Other emergency products include a wide range of equipment and supplies that are used in emergency medical services, such as ambulances, hospitals, and other medical settings. Some examples of other emergency products include:
Defibrillators: These are devices that are used to restart a person's heart in the event of cardiac arrest.
Resuscitation bags: These are used to provide manual ventilation to a patient who is not breathing.
Oxygen tanks and regulators: These are used to provide oxygen to patients who are not getting enough oxygen on their own.
Suction units: These are used to remove secretions and other materials from a patient's airway.
Stethoscopes: These are used to listen to a patient's heart, lungs, and other internal organs.
Blood pressure cuffs: These are used to measure a patient's blood pressure.
Emergency blankets: These are used to keep patients warm in emergency situations.
Flashlight and headlamps: These are used to provide light in emergency situations or in low light environments.
Trauma shears: These are used to cut through clothing and other materials in emergency situations.
Splints and immobilization devices: These are used to immobilize a patient's limbs or spine in the event of an injury.
First Aid kits: These are used to provide basic medical care in emergency situations.
Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) : These are used to protect the medical staff from infections, contaminations and other hazards.
These are just a few examples of the many different types of emergency products that are used in medical settings. The specific products that are used will depend on the situation and the needs of the patient.