Cervical collar adjustable to 4 different sizes,Designed to have in one article different possibilities of immobilization,it has been developed for the emergency medical use,Pre-molded chin support,locking clips.Rear ventilation panel,enlarged trachea opening.The patriot cervical collar is produced with high density polyethylene and foam padding;the flat one-piece design enables efficient storage where space is limited.X-ray lucent and easy to clean and disinfect.

Dimension of the packing box   s  43*41*27(cm)50pcs/box       Product size       41*16(cm)  
                                            m    50*43*28(cm)50pcs/box                             49*18(cm)                 
                                              l   60*38*19(cm)25pcs/box                              57*18(cm)     




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